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Name:Mr. Harli [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Google Talk:  pratamalistrik  pratamalistrik
Mobile Number:08151673519 ; 08111095131
Phone Number:02131922673 ; 31765133 ; 31909628
Fax Number:021 31909628
Address:Gedung Pasar Kenari Lantai Dasar No. 30 , Salemba Raya
Jakarta Pusat 10430, Jakarta
pusat penjualan lampu OBL Philips, Sankelux untuk tower , kabel feeder, kabel FO
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Registration Date:Nov. 29, 2010
Last Updated:Jul. 26, 2015
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Electronics & Electrical category

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TOKO KENARI LISTRIK We Sell Various Brand Cable ( SUPREME - METAL - CABLE INDO - TRANKA - SUTRADO - Eterna - Voksel - Belden- Lestari - Apollo - Daifu - Draka - Extrana - Daisaku - pulung ) used by INDUSTRY, CONTRACTORS, Housing, etc. ( Type: NYA, NYAF, NYM, NYY, NYMHY, NYYHY, NYFGBY, NYRGBY )
We also received for the manufacture of electrical panel boxes with sizes to suit your needs, we use the component with the best quality and competitive prices.
Tel : + 622131922673 ; 31909628 ; 31765133
HP : + 628151673519 ; 08111095131
Email : pratamalistrik@ gmail.com

Category =
1. Cables Supplier Jakarta / Suplier Kabel
2. Electric Cables / Kabel Listrik
3. Cables Specialist / Spesialis Kabel
4. Stockist

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